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Spring Cleaning Candle Gifts

What’s the first thing you do after you clean your space? For me, it’s lighting a candle. Of course I light candles all the time but there is a special feeling when your house or apartment is clean and you add that finishing touch. When you burn that candle the space is finished and you can sit down—finally!

Gifting a clean smelling candle is a great way to give that “just finished cleaning” feeling. Even if your recipient still needs to get a little cleaning done. These candles embody that clean home feeling that can be lit when they don’t have the energy to lift a finger.

Lemon scented candles embrace the citrus fragrance that is so frequently found in cleaning products. Gifting a lemon candle helps the room stay bright, light and fresh feeling after the initial cleaning product scent has waned.

What’s the goal of cleaning really? Yes, yes, get rid of germs of course. Not to live in filth, yes again. But also, to make your home feel like new again. While this New Home candle definitely makes a great housewarming gift, it also makes a great spring cleaning gift to make their home smell like new!

Have you just done laundry? No? Well, its smells like you have freshly laundered linens hanging in the breeze. Gifting this candle is just like gifting that compliment as someone walks into your recipient’s home!

There is a reason why the top spas have the smell of eucalyptus wafting through the halls. One, it’s relaxing and two, it smells clean! Think about it, if you went into a spa and it smelled like day old fried chicken, you might seriously think about canceling your appointment.

If we’re talking about clean, then let’s talk about the cleaning brand known for their fragrances. You might not know that Mrs. Meyer’s also has candles. Match one of their scented cleaning products with a matching fragranced candle for a great gift! matching fragrance scent.

How to Gift:

These candles make great spring candles alone or bundled with their favorite all purpose cleaner, and a couple sponges or towels!

Very Happy Gifting!


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