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Gifting and Reusing Candle Containers

Are you burning through candles this season like it’s your job? When you adore seasonal home fragrances like I do, it can inevitably lead to an accumulation of candle containers. When I have an especially beautiful container I need to save it or reuse it in an extra special way. Whether it's a delicate trinket catchall or a great vase, I love to re-use the containers of these beautiful candles as a giftable vases! See I how reused this candle container from a recent candle below.

What You’ll Need:

Prepare the Container

  1. Boil water to remove the remaining wax within the container.

  2. Pour hot water into the container.

  3. Allow water to sit in container until the wax becomes loose.

  4. Remove the wax that floats to the top with a spoon and any remaining wax in corners. Wipe clean.

  5. Once the container is clean and dry, add a gift label to the bottom of the container. It’s easier to this at this point, before the flowers go in.

Shape the Floral Foam

  1. Since most candle containers are low and small, floral foam will help keep the stems vertical and perky in the low container.

  2. Cut the floral foam with a knife to fit in the candle container.

  3. Fill your sink with water. Drop the floral foam into water, per the foam’s instructions, for a few minutes until it sinks down in water.

Start Arranging Flowers

  1. Place the wet floral foam into the empty candle container.

  2. Begin arranging the flowers while sticking the stems into the floral foam.

  3. Shown here are a mix of White Lilies, Green Leaves and St. John’s Wort green berries. Lilies and leaves are evenly spread throughout the container and foam. While St. John’s Wort is sporadically added to beautifully fill holes.

You know the old adage--reduce, reuse and recycle--but make it fashion! Ok, I added that last part but gifting an arrangement in a previously loved candle container is a great gift to bring to a hostess or a housewarming party!

Very Happy Gifting!





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