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Sophisticated School Supplies

It’s officially back to school season! If all the school supplies that are lining the aisles of Target and every store in sight, has you just a little bit jealous of the kids that get to go back to school, you’re not alone. Now, I’m not talking about taking test and writing papers, but let’s be honest and admit that we all still have at least one reoccurring dream of not passing a class, missing a final or not graduating, that has us waking up in a cold sweat every now and then. No, what I’m talking about is back to school shopping, obviously!

The giddiness you felt checking off the items on your class shopping list can still be felt as an adult. Whether it’s to stock up on supplies for work, a gift to a college student going back to school or an adult furthering their education—school supplies make a great gift! Let’s go back to school shopping but make it fashion!

|| Neutral Stationary

Taking notes and flagging pages with post-its is an all too familiar pastime of any student. For anyone in love with bright colors the traditional adhesive paper notes are great, for anyone with an affinity for neutrals they can be a tad bold. Enter, Cloth and Paper, with a great selection of beautiful neutral paper goods, these would make a perfect gift for any student, employee or boss looking to get organized.

|| Notebooks

Even today, as I walk down the school supply aisle in the store, I still get tempted to purchase notebooks with animated characters and rainbows but if you need to stay organized in a more inconspicuous manner then I also love Moleskine notebooks. While Moleskine has many colors, I love their black and natural craft notebooks. They are lightweight and come in a variety of interior line options.

|| Organizing Pouches

Pens, sticky notes, notebooks, tablets, reading material, laptops, hard drives and all the things we lug around with us to help us stay on top of work or studies can really make you feel disorganized. Organizing pouches help group like items together and help keep any backpack, purse or messenger bag in order.

These gifts, whether for the student in your life or just to treat yourself, will help get even the most unorganized person in order!

Very Happy Gifting!




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