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New Year, New Gifts

I can’t believe it’s January! It’s a new year and while anytime is a great time to focus on your goals, the new year is the typical time reset the body and mind.  Here are a few items that are helping me to address my goals head on this new year that would make great gifts!

New Year Organization Gift:

Notebooks and books stacked under remarkable tablet gift

A remarkable tablet will help anyone organize their time and their notebooks.  This device allows a user to consolidate all their notebooks into one device.  As someone who takes three notebooks with them anywhere they go, this one digital notebook has reduced the amount things I have in my bag while opening up more options on the amount of notes and information I can take down.  Remarkable takes handwritten notes and converts them to text and different types of digital documents, excel-type sheets or music scale sheets and so many options for drawing.


New Year Fitness Gift:

New Years Fitness Gift Sneakers and walking pad

A walking pad allows me to fit in small bits of fitness in the smaller moments of my day.  While I’m working on the computer or during a meeting I can get a few steps in.  This won’t replace my daily work out or long walks with my dog, but it is a great place to stay active while doing mundane tasks.


New Year Skincare Gift:

New Year's Skincare Gift Red Light

Advanced skincare involves applying technology to the skin.  While there are a multitude of procedures and surgeries that anyone can get if they are willing and can afford them, this face mask is a splurge but allows you to improve acne and wrinkles while sitting on the couch!


Here’s to a great New Year and a whole new you!


Very Happy Merry




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