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Favorite Gifts I Gave for Christmas

My Favorite Gifts I Gave for Christmas

It's always helpful to reflect after the holiday to look back and see which gifts really made them say, wow! It helps for subsequent gifts to your recipients but also, everyone loves a pat on the back when they really knocked it out of the park.

Favorite Family Gift

My favorite family gift I gave this year were beautiful wood carved ornaments. These unique ornaments took each person’s name and created a unique snowflake shaped ornament out of carved wood. Just like each snowflake is unique, the letters of each person’s name made each ornament uniquely shaped. Including each family member’s name, made this group gift special for the entire family. This also made it a great way to have a full set of ornaments for the Christmas tree!


Favorite Teenager Gift

My favorite gift I gave to a teenager was a sweatshirt and t-shirt from the Sesame Street collaboration with Flamingo Estate. This sarcastic yet comfortable clothing was the perfect gift for the Gen Z teenager in my life who is so hard to shop for. It was the perfect blend of cool nostalgia with a nonchalant aesthetic. The sweatshirt and hoodie featured Oscar The Grouch so naturally I paired the gift with a tiny Christmas tree in a tiny trash can with a money ornament, wrapped with real money. Everything a teenager needs who is about to graduate high school!


Favorite Neighbor or Group Gift

Every year I like to get my neighbors a little gift that is sweet but budget friendly. This year for my neighbors, I decided to go with popcorn and a little popcorn bowl. At the time of this post, I purchased a variety pack of popcorn for $45, with a $5 coupon code bringing it to $40. For 6 neighbors, that's $5 for each treat and the bowl cost just under $8. Win-Win!


Favorite Kid's Gift

My favorite kid's gift was given to my niece. I gave her this Barbie Gymnastic Playset paired with a balance beam that she absolutely loved. She was obsessed with walking on that balance beam, and a gift that gets any kid's energy out is a gift not only to that child, but to their parents as well!


Favorite Guy Gift

The best guy gift this year went to Frank August Whiskey paired with a leather tooled cooler. Opening the refined cooler is gift enough but I love sneaking in an extra surprise! This up and coming spirit brand in it's elegant bottle, is the perfect gift to give any whiskey lover!

I hope you had a great holiday season and all your gifts were well received!

Very Happy Gifting!




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