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May Favorites and Finds

Through all of my searching for gifts I occasionally, okay more than occasionally, come across great finds for myself that would make great items to treat yourself with or to gift! This month's finds are all about organization, efficiency and making our processes run at their best. Give organization and optimization yourself or to your friends and family!

Discipline Book

I ordered this book off of Amazon and it didn't disappoint. It links discipline to success in multiple areas of one's life and includes exercises in how to get better and improve in every aspect. This will not be the last time I read this book!

I heard about Brain Fuel and wanted to give it a try in the afternoons to increase my focus towards the end of the day, instead of turning to a cup of coffee that could keep me up at night. While it is NOT a tasty treat for the afternoon, it did increase my focus!

I drink smoothies every week day. To save time in the morning, prep the dry materials of each smoothie so that I can add them to almond milk quickly each day. I was going through so many plastic zip bags that I turned to these as a great reusable solution that was still slim and packable.

This desk blotter allows adds a little luxe to my desk while allowing me to keep my wood desk top safe from scratches, pen marks and watermarks.

This desk pad allows me to see my full week at a glance. I use this pad to plan my week, and while things may change from day to day it's nice to see a full week before I add everything to my digital calendar.

I hope you had a marvelous May!

Very Happy Gifting!




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