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February Favorites and Finds

If you’re looking for a great gift this month, these are items I have personally used and loved and can recommend. I love them, use them over and over and they might be the perfect gift for your recipient. Check out this list of items I’ve loved so your recipient can love them too!

Cozy Sweats

This sweat set makes a great gift for anyone who dresses professionally during the week. Having something comfortable and chic to put on at the end of the day makes someone feel special.


How To Gift It:

If you think that a nice pair of sweats would make a great gift for your recipient, these Alo sweats can be paired with slippers or a robe to enhance this cozy gift.



The New Balance 327 is becoming an addiction for me. Ok, well maybe it fed an already existing sneaker addiction but since receiving the first pair, my collection has definitely grown! These sneakers are around $100. If you have a sneakerhead in your life, you know that it’s hard to find a trendy, of-the-moment sneaker for $100. Sneakers can be expensive, especially now that a casual clothing style, like athleisure is more mainstream. I highly suggest these sneakers as a gift!


How To Gift It:

They come in so many colors, grab their favorite color in their size. To make it extra special, add in a nice shoe box!


Away Suitcase

I travel so much, this might be my favorite gift! A suitcase with a charger, it’s a revolution. Now so many people have an Away suitcase but if you know someone who doesn’t, this is the best gift! Not only is it super functional with a battery for charging your devices during a long layover or delay, it’s also really chic and comes in so many colors! If you’re thinking of gifting this suitcase brand, the Bigger Carry On is the piece to gift!


How to Gift It:

While the suitcase is a great gift on it's own, adding initials on the suitcase will personalize this great gift!


Cuyana Tote Bag

This wearable, durable, basic black tote bag is my everyday bag. I take it to work, I take it to target and I travel with it. It's pebbled leather resists scratches more than a plain leather. It’s large so it holds so much--I take my laptop, water bottle, umbrella, notebooks and everything I need for a work day. When I travel, I bring my work essentials and add anything that doesn’t fit in my carryon including a flat iron and curling iron, so it really fits a ton of stuff!


How to Gift It:

If you purchase this great bag as a gift, you can gift the organizer as an added touch!


Very Happy Merry


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Through all of my searching for gifts I occasionally, okay more than occasionally, come across great finds for myself that would make great items to treat yourself with or to gift!



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