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Favorite Finds for January

Through all of my searching for gifts I occasionally, okay more than occasionally, come across great finds for myself that would make great items to treat yourself with or to gift!

Let's start off with an item that I can't live without lately. It's not crazy exciting and it's not crazy expensive but I do love it! It's a book light. I always set a reading goal every January and in the beginning of the year I start off really strong, I'm reading non stop but when my husband wants to go to bed lamp light can be disruptive.

Gift Idea:

Pair this book light with a best seller for a birthday gift for a reader or even the famed 5 Love Languages for Valentine's Day.

I love how clean and modern the Necessaire line looks in my shower but it's also great on my skin. I probably should have led with the skin part but the aesthetics of the brand are just as on point! This set was a Christmas present and I've been loving spoiling myself with a multi-step moisture routine!

Gift Idea:

Pair this indulgent set with a cozy robe or slippers for a perfect self care gift.

I love luxury versions of everyday items! Get your to-do list in order in the chicest way possible with these leather clipboards.

Gift Idea:

These would make a great gift for your boss or the boss at home!

I saw these super cute coasters in so many colors and I fell in love with them. Pick a matching color to your decor or a fun pop for your coffee table.

Gift Idea:

Pair these with a favorite wine or spirit for the best hostess gift or a gift for a night in with your Valentine!

These perfumes smell so fresh! I'm in love with these two fragrances that are also clean beauty. Leila Lou smells like spring in a bottle with just a splash of fresh cut grass. It's the perfect lightweight fragrance when you're done with the winter cold and looking forward to spring. To me, James is a slightly heavier version of Leila Lou. It's like springtime at night!

Gift Idea:

These clean fragrances are great for anyone who has fragrance sensitivities and loves a light scent.

I hope your year was off to a great start with a wonderful January and will continue with a fabulous February!

Very Happy Gifting!




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