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April Favorites and Finds

Through all of my searching for gifts I occasionally, okay more than occasionally, come across great finds for myself that would make great items to treat yourself with or to gift! This month is focused on hair finds! Gift the best tresses around to yourself or to your mom or to your bestie, these gifts will be the mane attraction!

Nutrafol hair supplement

I picked up these hair supplements during the Sephora sale and I am excited to give it a try! This daily hair growth supplement is physician-formulated for women with natural ingredients to target root causes of thinning for faster-growing, thicker hair. Gifting visibly thicker hair is a gift anyone would love!

This cute matching pill case is a great addition if you're gifting Nutrafol but also makes a great travel case for anyone to keep track of their vitamins and supplements.

Silked Satin pillowcase sleeve

We've all heard that a satin pillowcase is best for keeping your hair frizz free and damage free but what I love about this pillow case is it's open ends! It's perfect for any size pillowcase your recipient might have or for traveling to any hotel with any size pillow.

Continuing in the trend of thickening the hair, these drops are a special little luxury beauty treatment for your scalp!

These drops are also meant to thicken the hair but at a much cheaper price point. I love these for testing if you'll keep up with the maintenance of daily drops before splurging on a more expensive treatment.

I hope you had an awesome April and will continue your year with a marvelous May!

Very Happy Gifting!




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