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How to Wrap Multiple Items as One Great Gift

Have you ever seen a lovely, curated gift box and thought, hey, I could make that! Well I’m walking through the steps to create the perfect gift box.

First, you’ll want to decide on a theme. A cohesive theme helps you give a gift that makes sense instead of a few random items that don’t relate to each other. In my gift box for a family member’s birthday I decided to go with items that would help them look and stay awake, including Eye Patches, a De-puffing Tool, Eye Cream and a Starbucks gift card, check out the full post here.

Second, you’ll need stuffing and a container. Depending on your gift you’ll need a container that fits all of your gifts and stuffing to support the items within the container. In this case I chose a brown box and recycled paper stuffing that I purchased at Micheals. But for different gifts you can get creative and use a basket for toy gifts, a big pot for cooking gifts, an ice bucket for drinking gifts, etc. Let your cohesive theme lead you to think of great container options.

Third, pack everything in the box in an appealing way. Use enough stuffing to make sure everything stays in place and is a wonderful surprise when they open the box.

Fourth, wrap it up nice! After all of the hard work you did putting the items together and packing them up, make sure you wrap them nicely as well! If you have a way to give a little hint as to what your theme is with your wrapping, even better!

Do you have any ideas for a curated gift box or have you given one?




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