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Great Reading Gifts

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

If you have any friends and family members that are trying to increase the amount of books they read and the knowledge they absorb this year here are some great gift ideas! Every January "reading more" is a popular New Year's resolution, make those goals attainable with these gifts!

Reading Book Light

If your gift recipient loves to read in bed at the end of a long day but their partner or spouse would rather get some shut-eye, then this gift sheds some light on their book that is for their eyes only!


Personalized Bookmark

This elegant bookmark is a great way to have them flipping through their favorite book without having to dog ear those precious pages.


Book Club Table Topics Conversation Starters

This collection of discussion points will help lead a rousing round of conversation about their newly finished book!


Time Keeping Bookmark

If their goal is to increase the amount they read, then this time keeping bookmark is a great way to put that goal into practice and help them keep track of the time they put towards absorbing new stories!


Amazon Kindle Digital Reader

If you know someone who is already an avid reader and is starting to accumulate book after book, then a digital reader could be a great alternative to their physical literature.

These gifts will help your gift recipient read more to accomplish their goals but also help them to enjoy reading more! If you're interested in more reading gifts check out this post on Nine Books that Make Great Gifts, and this post on Giving the Gift of Imagination to kids, and this post on Adult Back to School Gifts: Required Reading List.

Very Happy Gifting!




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