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Great Gift Toppers

Updated: May 1, 2021

I love using flowers as an unexpected gift topper but using live flowers can be difficult when using them on top of a gift. You have to keep them in water and you have to keep the wrapping paper dry.

Greenery and dried flowers are great for this reason! I love the look of using dried wheat, lavender or rosettes on the top of a gift. It’s also beautiful to include some dried flowers within a gift when appropriate. Adding a little surprise and subtle fragrance can really put your gift wrapping over the top!

For this red and black combination I used some dried flowers that I had leftover from a dried bouquet I purchased at Anthropologie and paired it with a bold, solid black craft paper. I gathered some of the rosettes and colored foliage out of the bunch and tied them together with red raffia and cut off the excess. Then I wrapped the raffia around the bottom of the box to secure the bunch.

For this nature inspired combination I used birch wrapping paper (old but similar here), white and brown yarn, cream ribbon and dried wheat. I tied the yarn around the center of the gift several times to make an inch wide band that would secure the wheat. On top of that I added a thin cream ribbon, tied in a simple bow for a light, delicate touch. I added the wheat behind the yarn AFTER I wrapped the yarn and tied the ribbon so that I wouldn't bend wheat.

In this white and green look I layered grosgrain ribbon and a specialty green tree cut-out ribbon (old from Joann Fabrics) on top of the dried wheat. First I wrapped the dark green grosgrain ribbon on the bottom of the gift, then I added the tree ribbon on top. Finally, behind both ribbons I stuck in the dried wheat. I aligned the wheat so the tops would be even and pushed them down just a bit farther than the bottom of the grosgrain ribbon. Then I trimmed the bottom of the wheat so that all of the stems would hide well under the ribbon.

In all three of these wrapping looks, I didn't use glue or tape to secure the dried arrangements to the box, but if you need to transport these gifts to a party, ship them to someone, or wrap them far in advance, tape or glue would be a good idea, just hide it behind the ribbon.

What’s your favorite gift topper?





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