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Gifts to Organize Jewelry

Jewelry Organization Gifts

It’s spring so of course, spring cleaning and organization comes to mind! This week I’m traveling so I’m doing my best to stay organized while on the road. In my attempt to clear the clutter from my travel routine, I picked up a few items that would make great gifts for anyone looking to organize their day-to-day life or their life out of a suitcase.

For me, jewelry always makes an outfit! But when I’m traveling it’s a hassle bringing all of my baubles with me. Option one, roll through the airport like Mrs. Howell about to board a three hour tour while praying that I don’t set off a metal detector. Option two, find a better solution than throwing my necklaces in a plastic bag and then spend an hour at my destination untangling chains from a big gold ball. Option two, find a better solution it is!

Jewelry Organization Gifts

I’m a huge proponent of staying organized at home. I know what you’re thinking, wait, I thought we were talking about travel? Well, staying organized at home allows you to also pack for any trip with ease. Jewelry organizers that keep your drawers organized help you quickly see all of your jewelry options for packing. When all of your earrings are neatly laid out you can see what matches the outfits you’re packing.

Travel Jewelry Organizer

To keep jewelry organized in your suitcase you’ll need an easy way to transport your jewels. There are a few options that I love depending on the amount of pieces you’re packing and how you pack. The first, travel jewelry boxes are great if you have chunkier pieces or even small pieces that have a little depth to them—think dangly earrings, chunky necklaces or thicker studs. The depth of the boxes allow for thicker jewelry pieces to remain in tact and not get squished in your suitcase. So if you’re a statement jewelry wearer or if rings have a tall setting, then this is the solution for you!

On the other hand, if you’re a small and simple jewelry lover then something that packs up flat might be really helpful in saving space in your bag. The lay-flat design is great for thin layering necklaces and chokers, small studs and dainty rings. So if sweet and simple is more your style, fitting everything in a small thing case is a great option.

How to Gift:

What pairs better with a jewelry box or carrier than jewelry? Add one or a few pieces of jewelry to any of these jewelry organization items to really make someone smile. Whether you’re gifting these to a frequent traveler or to someone looking for a better way to store their jewelry, these items make great gifts!

Very Happy Gifting!



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Jewelry Organization Gifts

...Spring is the time for cleaning and cleaning gifts. If you know anyone with the desire to get more organized then now is the prefect time to gift them great tools for getting their prized possessions perfectly placed....


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