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Gift Ideas that Clean Up

Spring is officially here and I'm all about spring cleaning and organizing every inch of the home! If you want to treat yourself to a gift for a motivational boost to help you clean up, these gifts will do the trick. They are also perfect for anyone with a new place to keep clean, whether that's a housewarming gift, a gift for a college student with a new dorm room or to give a roommate a helpful hint!

Blueland Household Cleaners

If everything in your recipients house has to be that new-new, then cleaning products are no different. This Shark Tank alumni has modernized household cleaners with it's condensed tablets and sleek, refillable bottles.

The Laundress Washing Detergent

The Laundress cleaners make great gifts that merge delightful fragrances with loads of laundry. Look forward to your weekly laundry chore when you treat yourself to these luxe laundry cleaners. Or gift this detergent in a cute laundry basket to any recipient in need of creatively clean gift!

Tidy Gift Card, House Cleaning Gift Certificate

For an all inclusive cleaning gift, a gift card for a cleaning service is the perfect gift. Don't help someone clean their place, have their place cleaned!

Very Happy Gifting!


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