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Spring Cleaning Gifts: Cute Cleaning Accessories

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

When Spring comes around, it's time for Spring cleaning! What makes any chore easier? Cute accessories! Think about it, when you want to work out you treat yourself to new workout gear. When it's time to clean, go and get a few new cleaners for yourself or to give as a gift. Here are some great ideas for cleaning accessory gifts.


Plant Based Cleaning Brushes

Oh the dishes! At times they seem like they are never ending and always piling up. How do you make kitchen cleaning fun--ok well, at least a little, tiny bit more fun than usual? Stylish cleaning accessories of course!

Mini Broom and Dustpan

Keeping things tidy in the kitchen is made a little easier and a little chicer with this mini broom and dustpan. Designate this chic set for counter and table cleaning as an elevated crumb-catcher!


Toilet Brush

When it comes to one of the ickiest things in the house, we don't think about making it look chic, but this toilet brush is a classy touch to a necessary tool. Make anyone's bathroom a bit more fashionable with this cleaning accessory.


Just because unmentionables go inside, doesn't mean we can't mention the outside! This trash bin makes the perfect companion to the toilet brush or is great on it's own! Clean on the outside so your bathroom stays tidy on the inside.


Laundry Detergent

Upgrade any laundry detergent with this Laundress Brighten Up Duo. This will help white and colored clothing look its best all while looking great in your laundry room!

Wool Dryer Balls

Laundry is a critical part of spring cleaning as well as a reoccurring part of our cleaning routine. Make the process a little faster and little more eco-friendly with these wool dryer balls.

These items make great individual upgrades to anyone's routines as individual gifts or group them together as a bigger gift for you or someone you love. These would make great housewarming gifts, or the perfect gift for someone obsessed with a clean and organized home. For even more cleaning gift ideas check out this post!

Very Happy Gifting!





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