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Favorite Gifts of 2022

As we close out 2022 I'm taking a look back at my favorite gifts that really made an impact for their recipients. For me, there are great gifts for anyone, and there are perfect matches for each specific person. Almost like a marriage, the joining of the perfect gift with a person perfectly suited it, is like a match made in heaven.

Here are some of my favorite gifts that were perfect matches for their recipients!

Retroviewer by Image 3D

Retroviewer picture viewer

Retroviewer is a picture viewer that brings your recipient back to their childhood. The throw-back style in which this viewer showcases photos, creates a unique scrapbook, perfect for tugging at the heartstrings of the person receiving the gift.

There are so many ways to give this gift! Give it to a romantic partner with images of the two of you over the years or intimate images. Give it to your boss with images of company employees or momentous events throughout the year. Give it to new grandparents with sonogram pictures and baby pictures of their new grandchild. Any collection of images that would make your recipient smile would be elevated in this Retroviewer!

Levitating Shoe Display Stand

Sneaker heads are in a world all their own. These selective footwear connoisseurs are particular about which shoes they wear, so buying them a pair of sneakers can be risky. While giving them shoes might seem like a great gift, if they already have an extensive collection it can be tricky to decide which pair to give. Enter Hypelev! This shoe display device is perfect for the sneaker obsessed recipient that has a museum worthy pair of shoes they'd like to show off. This stand floats and rotates one shoe to put it on full view!

Gift this display stand on it's own, or with a gift card to Nike or their favorite shoe brand. If you know a pair of shoes they are eyeing, you can gift it with this stand.

Watches can seem like an aspirational gift but I loved giving something a little more approachable this year. This gold colored Casio watch and silver colored Casio watch, which were each under $100 which made them easy to gift. The retro aesthetic added a little more fun to the gift while also allowing me to gift something a little different than what's on the department store shelves.

Gift these watches with other jewelry or accessories like fun bracelets. Or gift these watches with a great carrying or travel case.

I loved giving this gift to music lovers in my life this year! After staying in our homes for a long time, everyone is excited to get back out there and see concerts and enjoy live music again. For a couple that has an endless bucket list when it comes to must-see concerts, I paired a coffee table book on music with a Ticketmaster gift card so they can pick the perfect concert and a date that works for them!

One of the reasons I love this gift so much is because it's so versatile as a template for any recipient's interest. If they love sports you can gift a coffee table book about that sport with tickets or a gift card for them to buy those tickets. If they love makeup you can gift them coffee table book on makeup paired with a Sephora gift card. The options are endless!

There are a few brands that allow engraving on their beauty products. YSL is a luxury beauty brand that offers this personalized engraving. I loved gifting a luxe brand with this added detail this year. What made these lipsticks extra special was that I put encouraging messages, not just a name or a monogram or initials. With the character limit I could fit in messages that moved and motivated my niece like "Goal Getter" or "Pre-Millionaire"

You can pair these beauty products with a makeup bag, lipstick holder or hand held mirror to add to the luxury experience of applying these fancy beauty products!

These were my favorite gifts of 2022 and I can't wait to see what creative gifts I come up with in 2023! What were your favorite gifts of 2022?

Very Happy Gifting!




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