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Father's Day Gifts for the Weekend Warrior

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Whether your dad is tinkering in the garage or outdoors in the yard all weekend long, these gift ideas will set you up for success this Father's Day! Make his weekend even more fun and productive with these great Father's Day gifts.

Father's Day Gift Idea Makita Coffee Maker

Father's Day Gift Idea:

For the tool man that is up early on Saturday to get the chores done, this Makita coffee maker will match the rest of his tools and get his weekend off to a caffeinated start. Pair this portable coffee maker with coffee with a battery pack and charger if he doesn't already have one.


Father's Day Gift Idea Drill Brush

Father's Day Gift Idea:

Whether he's cleaning the bathroom or cleaning his tool shed, boat or garage these attachments will pop right onto his drill!


Father's Day Gift Idea Ember Mug

Father's Day Gift Idea:

If your dad drinks his coffee to the last drop, than this smart heated travel mug will keep his coffee hot through those busy weekend days. Pair this mug with some delicious coffee to keep him going!


Father's Day Gift Idea:

If heading to the beach is your dad's idea of a great weekend then this beach chair is the perfect gift! With wheels fit for the sandy terrain and a configurable profile that lets him haul the entire family's gear to the water, this chair has got it all!


Father's Day Gift Ideas Saw Pizza Cutter

Father's Day Gift Idea:

What's a better combination than pizza an power tools? Give dad the coolest way to cut his pizza. And of course, you have to pair this pizza cutter with actual pizza!


Father's Day gift idea pizza oven

Father's Day Gift Idea:

If your dad is more of a pizza maker versus ordering pizza for delivery than this indoor outdoor pizza oven is a great gift if you're looking to splurge!


Father's Day Gift Idea Self Cleaning Water Bottle

Father's Day Gift Idea:

Keep dad hydrated all weekend long with this self cleaning water bottle. This water bottle uses LED technology to sanitize your water and clean the inner surfaces of the bottle by neutralizing odor-causing bacteria and viruses.


Father's Day Gift Idea Fizzics Draft Pour

Father's Day Gift Idea:

This gift would make a great addition to any dad's garage! The Fizzics Draft Pour coverts any can of beer or bottle of beer into a nitro-style draft beer. A frothy beer during the summer is the perfect gift for dad!


Father's Day Gift Idea Freezable Beer Glasses

Father's Day Gift Idea:

Give Dad these freezable beer glasses for his cold beer as he toils in the yard or tinkers in the garage. Of course if you're gifting these glasses you've got to give him beer to go in them!


Father's Day gift idea mini fridge

Father's Day Gift Idea:

Keep dad's beverages cool from water to beer, so that he can have a refreshing beverage all weekend long.

Get your dad a great gift this father's day and thank him for all he's done over the years with these great gift ideas!

Very Happy Gifting!





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