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Father's Day Gift Guide: Last Minute Amazon Gifts

Amazon might be your best bet for getting last minute gifts shipped quickly but just because a gift ships fast, doesn't mean it can't have meaning. Here are some gifts ideas that offer more meaning behind that expedited shipping!

Apple Watch

Since an Apple watch does more than just tell time, this high tech device will make tasks easier and give him his time back.

For dads that need to get some sleep! Kids or no kids whether it’s a baby or a Netflix binge help dad get to sleep faster

Larq Water Bottle

[Don’t] "Stay Thirsty my Friends!" This water bottle will keep his water clean and filtered and hydrated

Polaroid Instant Camera

If he’s not on Instagram, give him this polaroid camera to keep memories on that old fashioned time capsule—the fridge!

For the dad aspiring to be a chef, this food saver is a great gift to take his meals over the top!

I hope you find great gifts to spoil your dad with this Father's Day!

Very Happy Gifting!



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