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Fall Stapes as Great Gifts: Cashmere Accessories

As the leaves change and the weather gets colder, what's better than new accessories to dress up any fall ensemble or outerwear? The chilly weather demands for an extra layer of a hat, scarf and pair of gloves, so what better fall fabric for these these accessories than cashmere? This luxe layer is the perfect fall gift for anyone on your list.

Hats: A Cashmere Topper

A cute hat in this super soft fabric is a great gift for the colder weather!

Left to Right:

  • LEFT: This raw edge beanie adds a modern touch to any fall outfit.

  • MIDDLE: This slouchy fit cashmere hat blends an effortless, nonchalant look with a luxurious fabric.

  • RIGHT: The ribbed texture of this beanie creates an athleisure look, perfect for a sporty look!


Scarves: All Wrapped Up

Wrapping your recipient up in a new scarf is a heart (and body) warming gift!

Left to Right:

  • LEFT: Perfect for the recipient with chic taste that loves a simple yet chic silhouette.

  • MIDDLE: Spice up any outerwear with the texture of fringe and tassels.

  • RIGHT: For supersized warmth, gift this larger sized wrap.


Gloves: A Hands On Gift

Keep their fingers warm with these beautiful gloves, a perfect 10 of a gift!

Left to Right:

  • LEFT: These fingerless gloves are perfect for the girl with a modern style.

  • MIDDLE: Long Gloves offer extra warmth for when the wind picks up!

  • RIGHT: For anyone who can't stay off their phone, these tech savvy have smart fingers so they can stay connected.

Of course these cozy pieces make great gifts for any recipient on your list but they could make great additions to your own closet as well!

Very Happy Gifting!


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Cozy gifts are great for cooler weather. They give the recipient a warm feeling as they wrap themselves in soft fabrics, while they get to use the gift year after year. These styles all make great gifts for any recipient to usher in sweater weather!



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