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How to Give Clothes as Gifts

Well, here it is, it’s September so let’s get Fall off to a great start! This month we’re serving up Fall gift ideas that work well into the season. As the weather starts to cool down, everyone is thinking about a fresh start to the fall. School is back in session, and it means a new beginning to the season and something for everyone to be excited about.

Whether it’s a cozy sweater, the perfect pair of jeans, or a new favorite tee, clothes can be a great gift. However, they are an intimate gift. The best clothing gifts are for someone you know well and can consider all of the options. What is their style, what their needs and what is their routine like?

Consider Their Style

Style is something to consider when purchasing clothes for a friend or family member. Are they flashy, and love a pop of color? Are they conservative and stick to neutrals? Are they casual and love soft fabrics? Are they sophisticated and love a tailored look? All of these factors go into finding the perfect clothing gift.

Consider Their Needs

Listen to your recipient when they mention something that they need. Are they always cold? Make a note about a possible sweater gift. Are they sick of the same three ties they’ve been rotating? Make a note to upgrade their suit accessories. Did they feel unprepared for the cold of last winter? Make a note to look at a few coats, scarfs or hats. Can you take what they would usually buy to fulfill their needs, and take it up a notch? Can you make it a little more luxe than what they would buy themselves?

Consider Their Routine

We all do similar things day to day, our Monday through Friday looks the same for most people and so do our weekends. The weekly drive to work or the Saturday trip to the grocery store all make up our routine. Think about their routine—do they bike to work and need biking accessories or fresh gear? Is their office professional—do they need a new blazer? Do they work from home—are a fresh pair of chic looking sweats a great gift for them? Quality items for their everyday lives make great gifts!

The biggest tip I can give is to listen when they talk about their clothes. When they say they love a certain celebrity’s style, listen. When they say they are tired of working out in those old sneakers form years ago, listen. And when they specifically say they wish they want that new sweater they saw at Nordstrom, listen! Show them that you really know them well enough to get them a great clothing gift!

Very Happy Gifting!



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