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Fall Staples as Gifts | It’s in the Jeans

When it comes to a classic such as denim, everyone needs some key pieces in their closet. Jeans are a great versatile gift that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the cut and the wash. If you’re looking to gift this go-to fashion piece here is a run down on some great brands for jean gifts.

An influencer favorite, Agolde as a denim brand has classic silhouettes that offer a unique take on the typical pair of jeans. This brand is the perfect brand to gift to someone who is always looking to express their individual style. In their own words, “An AGOLDE silhouette offers the authenticity and rarity found in discovering the perfect vintage pair.”

Gifting Tip: When shopping from Agolde for a gift, I’d stick to their best sellers page and keep the recipients current style in mind. If they tend to love a slim silhouette, stick to the skinnies, if they love a more relaxed look a lighter wash might be more appropriate.

Madewell Jeans

Madewell has built their brand around providing the perfect pair of jeans. They offer a range of cut, colors and fits for any recipient who wants to really build out their denim wardrobe.

Gifting Tip: When gifting this casual brand, have a look at their explanation of styles under their “denim bar”. This will help you consider the best fit for your recipient. I’d suggest adding a pair of black denim to your recipient’s denim assortment since a black pant can be dressed up or down.

Abercrombie and Fitch Jeans

Currently experiencing a renaissance, this popular 90s brand is back with a new look. Part of this Abercrombie’s return to popularity is priding themselves on size inclusivity and versatility of shapes and fits. Multiple inseam lengths, paired with inclusive sizing and denim options for women with curves—read: any size that has curves from size triple zero up, for a body that isn’t mostly straight up and down, and of course plus sizes as well.

Gifting Tip: The price point of these jeans makes gifting them a no-brainer. If you catch this brand on sale you can gift a few different silhouettes for your recipient to try, such as a relaxed fit and a skinny fit.

If you’ve decided on a great brand and the perfect pair of jeans to give, you can always add a little something extra to the gift! I’m not just talking about a gift receipt, which should be included, I’m talking about a little something to make the gift more exciting.

I love adding a little cash or a gift card in the back pocket. Creating an entire outfit for your recipient is also a bit hit—so you can add a cute sweater or cardigan that would look great with the jeans. Also adding The Laundress’ Denim Wash so the jeans last even longer is a great addition to any denim gift!

Very Happy Gifting!


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