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Fall Fragrance: Decorating with Scents

The smell of a home is often overlooked as a key place to decorate during the fall and holiday season. When someone enters your home they have to, well, breathe! And when they breathe in the fragrance of your home let it be warm inviting and seasonal. These are a few great ways to bring in the seasonal décor through fragrance alone.

Household Cleansers

There is a reason that cleaning companies come out with different fragranced cleaners throughout the year. It’s to sell more cleaner but also to help change the scent of the home so that it smells and looks fresh. My favorite fall cleaner is Mrs. Meyers’ Acorn Spice. It has a full fall fragrance that wafts through the air every time you enter a room. This general cleaner can be used on may surfaces to (acorn) spice up your home—get it?


Wash your hands. Ok, now that’s out of the way! Keeping your hands clean as well as your house guest’s hands clean is a great way to add festive fragrance into any bathroom. While freshening up, the fragranced soap pulls that fall scent into the air and lingers for those perfectly perfumed twenty seconds—remember wash your hands for twenty seconds each time!


Candles are an old standby of season fragrance but everyone can use a friendly reminder to light a candle every now and then throughout the season. Whether it’s to help you relax at the end of a long day or pump you up for the holiday festivities a candle’s scent leaves energy throughout the air.

These are great ways to have a very fragranced holiday! So don’t forget to decorate with fragrances and scents this season to add extra ambiance to your home for both you and your house guests to enjoy.



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