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Dried Flower Arrangements

While dried arrangements have been very trendy as of late, if you haven’t jumped on this trend band wagon, now is the time! The fall season is the perfect time to take advantage of dried florals and their low maintenance addition to ambiance. They are simple and easy to create and don’t require a lot of maintenance—you don’t have to water dried arrangements! And they will last for months and months. Here are a few flower recipes to make arranging your dried florals super easy.

Simple Pampas Grass

Creating an arrangement out of one type of “flower” is simple but also makes a statement. Just fill your vase with several stalks of dried pampas grass for a great fall arrangement. Pro tip – spray the grasses with hairspray to reduce shedding from the fluffy tops.

Consistent Colors

If creating a dried flower arrangement intimidates you at all, just stick to a similar color palette. Creating an arrangement with all the same colors creates an easy way to choose your stems, while letting the texture do the talking. Pairing dried thistle with pampas and bleached cattails makes a great arrangement all in the same color tones.

Seasonal Palette

If you’re ready to go bold with your arrangement, go for a great collection of saturated fall tones. Pairing died eucalyptus with cattails and pampas show all the tones of fall in a stunning arrangement!

My favorite sources for dried flowers are my local florists. If your florists don’t carry a dried selection, you can have great stems shipped to you from Etsy or Amazon.

Very Happy Arranging!



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