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Cozy and Cute Thanksgiving Outfits

We all celebrate Thanksgiving in different ways, from a super casual, intimate get together with family to a fancy affair that is invite only. If you're saving the fancy festive outfits for New Year's Eve, here are some cozy yet chic ideas on what to wear to your Thanksgiving dinner.


If you're having a very casual Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving that is sure to be filled with food, wine and active games after dinner then this dressed up sweat suit is perfect!

A. Blazer

B. Scarf

D. Hoodie



If you looking for a put together look that is relaxed yet refined then this is a great look for Thanksgiving!

B. Purse



If you're looking to show your family that you are handling your business the rest of the year but want to cut back a little on the holidays, then this look is perfect for those peering family eyes from across the Thanksgiving table.

D. Pants

I hope these outfit ideas help you to have a wonderful and comfortable Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Very Happy Merry



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