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Christmas in July | Travel Gift Guide

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

For some, travel is seasonal. The warmer summer months come around and everyone is off on a vacation, or the weather turns colder and it's time for holiday travel. For others, travel is a year-round sport. For business or pleasure, seasonally or year-round, these gifts will help any traveler love the journey even more!

The fragrance of a hotel lobby has been bottled and turned into candle, the perfect gift for any traveler that has to remain home for any reason.


Add a candle accessory for a great addition to this gift!

Travel involves a lot of organization. Putting liquids into smaller bottles, folding and rolling clothes into smaller sizes and putting everything in it's place. These small pouches make organization so much chicer. Whether is for jewelry or earbuds, these little things organize the small precious items you're traveling with.


Add to the surprise with jewelry that's durable for travel and won't tarnish.

This case is the perfect gift for any traveler who carries all the breakable things that make any outfit extra special. This case makes transporting watches and sunglasses incredibly easy!


If you care to splurge a bit, also add a a watch or pair of sunglasses to top off this great gift.

For anyone looking to bring the flavors of their travels home with them, this spice set makes a great gift. Let them recreate their favorite dishes from their most recent trip with this delightful present.


There are several international cookbooks that would pair well with this gift or give them all.

These little cases are great for packing all of your liquids in consolidated, labeled containers. Since these containers are easy to refill, they are great for the recipient who takes a lot of quick trips!


Gift these with your recipient's favorite toiletry or beauty supply. Lovely hair products, fancy toothpaste or luxurious body wash to use to fill these up on their trips.

These stylish travel accessories will keep your recipient organized and elegant on any trip. From cord organizers to leather tags, their suitcase will be as put together as they are!


What would go great with travel accessories... luggage of course! If you'd like to make this gift extra special place it inside a great carry on bag.

Staying neat and tidy on the road can be a challenge, especially when you're in a new environment with unforeseen dirt and lint challenges. Help your recipient stay tidy with this chic pocket lint roller.


Pair this with a travel wrap perfect for any chilly flight!

One great kit to rule them all! This travel set has all of your recipient's needs in one great set making it incredibly easy to pack up for their next trip.


This luxe brand offers great home sets as well! Gift your recipient a home set with this travel gift so they always have travel on their mind.

Love this makeup brush case that holds all of your favorite brushes and a bit of makeup. For the beauty lover on the go, or even as a purse touch up kit, this little glam bag makes a great gift!


Fill this bag with some essential make up brushes or some of their favorite beauty brands.

For the casual traveler, there is nothing better than slipping on a hoodie for your travel outfit. They are loose, warm and comfortable. This gift has the added bonus of a satin lining in the hood, the next best thing to a silk pillowcase, to help make plane hair a thing of the past!


If your recipient loves to snooze on the plane, pair this lined hoodie with a matching silk eye mask.

For your recipient who is always wheels-up, these gifts will make their travels even better.

Very Happy Christmas Shopping!



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