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Best Gifts to Bring the Outdoors Inside

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

During the summer we all love getting outside but what happens when you can't spend as much time as originally intended? These gift ideas are perfect for those that can't spend all the time outside that they want. Whether it's due to inclement weather, injury or sickness, or just having too much work to do inside, here are some great ways to bring the outdoors in!

| Gift a Coastal Coffee Table |

If your gift recipient can't spend time outside and they're in love with the beach then these gifts are perfect! This interior design book with give your beach lover all the feels of a beach environment while the blue glass of this shell will replicate the color of the blue water.

| Ocean Air From Anywhere |

An ocean air home fragrance is appreciated as soon as someone through the door. As the aroma of water wafts through the air, this glass globe garland grounds the water to a tangible place, keeping this ocean inspired gift top of mind.

| Gifting Garden Glory |

A gorgeous garden is the pride of the neighborhood. This book about gardening helps them hone their skills while these glass orbs keep their plants alive when you can't (or forget) to water them.

| A Whale of a Gift |

These woven baskets are an unexpected outdoor touch to any decor. The neutral color of the woven rattan is a great accent for any interior color. When paired with a beige blanket they create a whimsical, elegant gift!

| A Gift that will Bowl them Over |

Accent bowls are a great gift for birthdays, house warming or hostess gifts but when filled with starfish or sea shells this bowl becomes a place for all of their outdoor collectibles!

Enjoy giving these gifts to bring the outdoors inside! If you're looking for more summer gifts ideas check out this post here and here.

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