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Back to School Gifts for Adults

Deciding to continue one’s education is a big decision. Whether its right after college or after taking some time away from the books, balancing school and life can be complicated. If you’re looking to find a gift that will help them handle it all, here are a few ideas!

If you’re looking to help them with a little extra credit, Masterclass has accrued quite the database of expert professors that will help your recipient excel in any topic in or out of the classroom. Help them expand their studies beyond the classroom so they can excel after graduation.


The mind is a sponge, and a Kindle is a pitcher of water. A Kindle is not just the gift of one book but the ability to ready so many books from textbooks to beach reads the kindle will help keep their entire library in one place.


The interesting thing about extended education degrees—bachelors, masters, doctoral degrees, is that the student is straddling academia and the real world. Give them a gift that will help them both in class and in life. This backpack is great for carrying items to and from class, but also as a personal or carry-on item on any trip the future brings.

These gifts are perfect for anyone re-entering academia to help them learn and look smarter!

Very Happy Gifting!





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