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At Home Date Night Ideas

At Home Date Night Ideas

Keeping things interesting while at home can be a challenge. Maybe you want to save a little money and not go out. Maybe you couldn’t get the reservation you wanted for date night or maybe you’d just prefer to spend the evening in. All of these ideas will help you have a great date night at home!

Board Games

Board Games as a date night idea

Have some fun and get competitive with your special someone. Pulling out some nostalgic board games will bring out the inner kid in both of you. Playing a game will help you get excited and pumped up to win and enjoy the element of play that could get redirected into other areas of the evening! Win or loose, you win!

Cook, Bake or Make Drinks with Each Other

Cooking or Baking together as a date night idea

Creating something consumable is a fun activity with your partner. Pick a new recipe and cook dinner together as a casual date that could get a little messy. If you have dinner plans already, this is a great opportunity to make dessert or after (or before) dinner drinks together. Cookies or cocktails make great romantic treats for you two to make together!

Draw Each Other

Drawing Each Other as a date night idea

If you and your love are artsy, then drawing each other is a great bonding experience. Whether you are penciling in the contours of your partner’s face, or ahem, other body parts, this is a very romantic date nights that will remind each of you of why you’re attracted to each other. Decide how frisky you want to be and how much clothing you want to wear during this artistic date night.

Work Out Together

Work out together date night

Pull out those yoga mats and get physical! Whether you want a calming date night with a lit candle and downward dog yoga poses or a fast-paced HIIT class, this date idea will get your blood pumping. There are so many online platforms for working out but you can also pull up free workouts on YouTube. Netflix also just introduced workouts to their streaming service as well. This is a great excuse to show off your tight fitting workout clothes in front of your partner while you get sweaty. And of course after you get sweaty you have to shower…maybe shower together!

Have a great date!

Very Happy Merry


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