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What is a Gift Closet and Why You Need One

Have you ever heard anyone reference their “gift closet”? If you’ve ever wondered what a gift closet is, or why you need one, I’m here to break it down. A gift closet might not actually be a closet, it might be under your bed or it might be in your garage, but the point and goal of a gift closet it to have items on hand for special occasions. This is a great source for gifts when you’ve forgotten to pick up a birthday or anniversary gift or you’ve been invited to a celebration with very short notice.

Keeping a stocked gift closet makes any occasion easier. It gives you a place to grab quick gifts when Mother’s Day is just around the corner or when an important birthday is fast approaching. Life gets busy and sometimes it’s hard to think of great gifts at a moment’s notice. Of course, you can always peruse the pages of for the perfect gift, but what if it’s too late to buy anything? What if it’s your Dad’s birthday tomorrow and you have to work all day before you head to a special birthday dinner where gifts will be exchanged? Have you ever tried to rush and make it to a store before it closes on a weekday? Just thinking about this is stressing me out!

A gift closet gives you a little leeway for life to happen. Now, you shouldn’t rely on your gift closet for every gifting occasion. You should always try to provide a thoughtful gift for each recipient but when you need the extra slack, here are some key gift categories that you should keep on hand:

1. Three bottles of nice wine: one red, one white, one champagne

- Keeping nice wine on hand allows you to have gifts ready to go for dinner parties, house warming parties and anniversaries.

- Stay ready for the occasions where you need to spoil your mom, sister or wife.

- Your father and your father-in-law, your brother all have birthdays that seem to sneak up on you!

4. A gift for the little ones: a really nice stuffed animal, a piggie bank, a book set

- Grabbing a gift for your niece or nephew doesn't have to be so hard!

Always stay ready for any gifting occasion and if you have to pull from your gift closet, make sure you replenish it as soon as you get a chance! The last thing you want is to need an gift from the gift closet only to find that you’ve already used it!

Very Happy Gifting!




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