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Weekend Recap: Market For Makers

small maker gift ideas

I hope you had a great weekend! Every weekend I'm on the hunt for fantastic gifts, wonderful places to celebrate and all things that make me very happy and merry! Here's recap of the best of what I discovered this weekend!

small maker gift ideas

Where I Went:

Over the weekend, I visited Markets for Makers in Los Angeles, California. Markets for Makers is a curated "marketplace of independent artists, makers, and more". This carefully selected gathering of independent artists, creators, and more, provides attendees with the opportunity to discover new brands that offer excellent gift options! They host events in various cities, so if Los Angeles is not your local area, explore their schedule of dates and events to find a market near you. I came across new creators and unique products; a fantastic way to enjoy a weekend!


What I Found:

There were so many things to discover at this weekend's market but these were my favorites and most unique finds.

I adore these bow mugs! These would be incredibly cute for a girl friend's birthday with coffee or even for a mother or mother in law. They come in a few colors and I can't decide which one I like best!


The scents of these candles, diffusers, and perfumes were so delightful that I couldn't resist buying one for myself. The sleek, minimalist packaging of these products makes them ideal gifts for both men and women. Their stylish design would complement any home decor, making them a perfect gift for those who appreciate aesthetics. Among this all-natural collection, I personally loved the Moss Diffuser and the Santal rollerball fragrance.


There are individuals who prefer cats and those who prefer dogs. If you happen to know a cat enthusiast, you'll notice their deep affection for their feline friend(s). Cat-themed presents, toys, and clever knick-knacks are abundant, but what stood out to me was the option to design your own cat toy, providing a special touch tailored to each cat or cat lover!


Hopefully, these discoveries will serve as an ideal present for someone special or a fantastic addition to your collection of exceptionally cool items.

Very, Happy Gifting!




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