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Great Gift Store: The Lab, Costa Mesa

Gift shopping is a two pronged search, yes you're searching for a great gift but you're also searching for a great gift shop to find it in! While on another search for a fabulous gift store with a great selection, I came across The LAB in Costa Mesa, CA. The LAB stands for Little American Business. A fitting title since they strive to support small businesses, artist and makers.

This collection of unique shops by makers has cute gifts at every turn while also offering great ambiance and yummy food shops as well. The Lab is a place to spend an afternoon. Start by grabbing a coffee and a doughnut to give you energy to shop around until you've gone through all the shops and are ready for a yummy dinner.

The Lab started in the midst of Orange County’s suburbia more than 25 years ago, repurposing a night-vision goggle factory, when [they] "recognized a need for an original, indoor-outdoor unconventional hang-out packed with a wide array of cafes, restaurants and retail that embraced a vibrant community of lovers in art, music, fashion and hip cuisine."

If you're in Costa Mesa, check out the shops at The Lab to find great candles, clothes, plants, eco friendly products and more for gifts or gifts to yourself! The Lab is located about a half a mile south of the 405 Freeway on Bristol Street in Costa Mesa, California.

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