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Top Ten Gifts from Nordstrom

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

If you're out shopping during the holiday season, and you stop by a store and you're looking to make it a one stop shop shopping trip, this is your list! Or if you're online and want to add items to your cart for another person since you were shopping for someone else or yourself, then this is your list! We're giving you the top gifts and top stocking stuffers, from Nordstrom, for anyone on your list!

Under the Tree Gifts

Polaroid instant camera

This is a great gift for anyone!

Give it to a coworker and they'll keep it in their office and pin pictures on their corkboard.

Give it to a child, that doesn't have a phone yet, and they'll feel like a big kid as they take pictures.

Give it to anyone you're spending Christmas with and you'll have great

memories of that day.

***Don't forget the film!

Turkish Cotton Robe

Robes make great gifts for mom and dad, in laws and grandparents.

They also make great gifts for self care lovers, homebodies and anyone who likes to be warm and cozy.

Wine Chiller and mugs

This wine chiller is a great gift for friends, coworkers or boss gifts.

This is a great hostess gift for a holiday gathering or intimate dinner party.

If they drink wine or champagne this is a great way to keep their wine at the perfect temperature.

Puffy colorful warm blanket

This puffy blanket is packable and comes with it's own carrying sleeve, so it's great for warmth on a road trip or camping, for the outdoor enthusiast.

This is also a great colorful, and extremely warm blanket for any kid that gets chilly at night.

Or gift this to a family with a play room, so the kids can get cozy while playing video games.

Cozy shearling slipper

A luxe pair of slippers always makes a great gift, especially cozy shearling lined slippers!

Perfect for the person who has everything, for husbands, in-laws and grandparents and of course, yourself!

Mini espresso maker

A pocket sized espresso maker is perfect for the morning commuter or anyone that needs a burst of caffeine on the go.

Gift this is also a great gift to give to bosses or coworkers that complain about the 3pm slump, when coffee isn't enough!

Pendleton blanket with leather strap

I love this Pendleton Blanket as a mother-in-law gift or when meeting a new family.

New acquaintances will be dazzled by the tried and true Pendleton name and impressed with the chic leather strap, while the blanket is also the perfect festive addition to holiday decor.

They will think of you every year as they drape this on their sofa as a festive addition to any room.

My Place Always Pan

This ever popular pan sells out for a reason, it is a do it all pot that also looks great on any stove!

Coutertop Reto Arcade Game

Gifting this countertop arcade game on Christmas will be a show stopper on Christmas morning but will also be the perfect activity throughout they day, long after the presents are unwrapped.

Gift this to kids, teens and the vintage video game or arcade lover!

NuFace facial toning beauty device

Touted as the five minute facial, this devices contours, tones and targets wrinkles. For the beauty lover in your life this will make a great gift!

Stocking Stuffers and Little Gifts

You rock candle

No one is going to disagree with the sentiment that they rock.

This would make a great coworker gift for an office exchange gift.

This would make a great gift for your younger brother.

This would make a great gift for the teen in your life.

Silk Hair Tie Scrunchiis

These are great little stocking stuffers for any beauty and hair lover.

They make a great little gift for any sister or friend.

They would also make a great smaller gift for an office gift exchange.

Temporary tattoo marker

This cool stocking stuffer is great for the doodler or anyone with dreams of their first tattoo or their next tattoo.

For those that can't make up their mind, a completely temporary, no commitment way of being daring is the perfect little gift.

The hipster or the teen in your life will get a kick out of this unexpected stocking stuffer!

La Mer Luxury Skin Care Set

Oooo La Mer! This high end skin care like will knock the socks off of their stocking (you get it? socks, stockings?)! Break up this set and gift it to multiple people or gift the full package to one lucky person.

Name Initial Necklace

This darling necklace is a great gift for someone, whether you know everything about them, or literally just their name!

Your recipient can use this to layer in with the necklaces they already have or wear it as a stand alone piece.

Flower acne face pimple patches

Add a little sparkle to their acne with these rhinestone flower acne patches!

Any bold teen or pre-teen would love these as a stocking stuffer.

Hey, I even know a cool aunt or two who would wear these if a zit started to rear it's ugly head!

Hip Hop Legend Alphabet book

Whether you're informing your toddler about the lyrics of Lauren Hill, the best of Biggie, or the power of Pac, this book breaks it all down in an throw-back alphabet book.

This book is great for the child of a hip-hop enthusiast or as a small gift to the enthusiast themselves.

Hydroflask Insolated Mug

This bark colored mug will keep coffee hot while looking outdoor chic for the camper and outdoorsman.

Marshall Bluetooth Speaker

A small speaker is a great gift for anyone of any age.

Whether it's in the bathroom, listening to music in the shower, in the kitchen listening to a podcast while cooking or in the yard enjoying the sunshine.

A wireless speaker will always be a welcomed gift!

Body Wash Body Lotion Body Serum Necessaire Set

Upgrade their everyday bath products with this popular, sustainable brand!

From bath lovers to shower takers, these products will be appreciated by everyone who loves a few moments peace in the bathroom.

Very happy shopping for the loved ones in your life! If you're still looking for great gift ideas, check out our gift guide page.

Very Happy Gifting!




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