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Spring Weather Essential Gifts

Every spring we all hear the saying April showers bring May flowers, and here in the Los Angeles area, that has been so true! While it's an unlikely location to complain about the rain, we have been getting our share this spring! To prepare for this kind of weather, and rainy weather throughout the year, these rainy weather necessities will make great gifts for anyone who lives in a wet area or just needs to go to work or out in the rain.

Rain Boots

Rain boots are in essential spring wardrobe item. Cute rain boots makes any rainy season much more enjoyable. These are a few great neutral to pair to brighten up any rainy day. Going to work we’re out with your friends is no longer a hassle at least for your footwear.

How to Gift It:

Stuff these elevated rain boots with other rainy day essentials that will keep their feet in perfect condition! Whether it's cozy socks or an umbrella and a poncho, each boot filled with a few surprises will keep a smile on their face in any downpour.



Umbrellas can be seem very utilitarian but there is a way to look cute when it’s raining! These umbrella selections are actually cute so you’ll feel pride opening up this ring essential on a rainy day.

How to Gift It:

Pair this parasol with other items meant to keep the head and hair dry. I love pairing an umbrella with a some hair essentials like an anti humectant to keep the frizz to a minimum, some silk hair ties to pull up any wet hair and some great clips to pull it all back when it gets in their face.



Springtime weather can be unpredictable. A good raincoat for the spring is warm for departing the winter temperatures get cooler enough for the oncoming warm temperatures of spring and summer. These coats are fashionable enough to look cute while combating the elements! It’s a perfect balance of warm and cool for a cute, fashionable, temperature regulating wardrobe essentials.

How to Gift It:

Pair any of these rain coats with some goodies stuffed in their pocket! Whether it's a coordinating hat or umbrella these chic coats are a great springtime staple!

Very Happy Gifting!




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