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Nordstrom Sale: Best Womens Gifts on Sale Now

Ok guys there are two big things going on here. One, the year is half over! I know, I know time has flown by but the year is half over and Christmas is coming! This year is going to be challenging just like last year. There are shipping and freight issues that are plaguing online and brick and mortar retailers that will probably not be resolved by the holiday shipping season. So, as always, my recommendation is to shop early—and because the year is half over—early means now!

The second item to bring to your attention (as if you need it brought to your attention any more than it already is, is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! The sale goes live to the public on July 28th and there are influencers all over the internet giving you great tips on what to buy for yourself. I am here to show you the things in the sale that will make great gifts. Since there is still a little time before Christmas, you can be selective about what to get and how to get it at the best price.

With all that in mind, here are some great gifts for the ladies in on your gift list!

|| travel poncho + carry on bag

Travel is coming back and what better way to show someone that you're ready to explore with them, then getting them an elegant, yet comfortable poncho perfect for plane rides and a carry on that will keep all of their essentials?


|| cozy cardigan + slippers

Looking good and feeling good shouldn’t be an either-or choice, gift these comfortable staples for a great pair that accomplishes both!


|| robe + candles

Lighting some luxe candles and slipping into a comfortable robe is just what anyone needs when it’s time to relax. This meditation pack of candles paired with this fleece robe makes a great gift!


|| running jacket + running shoes

This jacket and shoe combo is a great gift now for someone who’s ready to get up or will make a great Christmas present for anyone who will set fitness goals for the new year!


|| cashmere hoodie + silk sleep set

This cashmere hoodie makes a great gift on it’s own (period) but when paired with this silk sleep set it makes a wonderful gift for anyone who love to elevate their casual look—especially when traveling! This hoodie will keep them chic and comfortable and when they pull out a matching sleep set on a long flight, they will take their style in to the clouds.

Pick up some of these great gifts early this year so that you'll have some gifts already crossed off your list when this holiday season rolls around!

Very Happy Gifting!




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