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Mother's Day Gifts for Expecting and New Moms

New mothers and expecting mothers are category of mothers that deserve some attention on Mother's Day. Even if they aren't technically a mother yet, they are about to embark on a lifelong commitment of love and care.

One of my rules for these special mothers is that you are giving a gift to the MOTHER, not the child. The child's birthday is another day, and they can be spoiled then. For Mother's Day it is definitely acceptable to give a multi-functional gift that both the mother and child will love, but it has to be for the mom. As cute as baby shoes are, you won't catch Mom going out to dinner in baby shoes! If you're looking to treat the expecting mother or new mother in your life here are some great ideas!

This divine gift box is filled with little luxuries to make a soon to be mother feel super comfortable in the hours before and after birth.

It’s an assortment of hospital essentials designed to take the guesswork out of packing and help you feel cozy and pampered during this incredible time. The box includes: An organic bamboo undie, which offers full coverage and flexible movement, clean finished with no elastics or labels against the skin. An organic bamboo nightgown that’s an extension of your softest, coziest tee and nursing-friendly for added convenience, with a henley shaped neckline and delicate natural shell buttons. A matching organic bamboo robe made for sweet little snuggles, along with a pair of delectable grey socks made in Italy by HATCH x Maria La Rosa.

Babies chew on stuff, in case you didn't know-enter these Beaded Teething Bracelets!

These bracelets are a fashionable accessory for new moms to wear for and their teething baby to chew on. These functional and fashionable beaded bracelet is made with non-toxic, food-grade silicone. Win-win!

I love a keepsake as a gift and this little locket is a perfect way for her to wear the image of her new baby, and keep them close to her heart everywhere she goes.

Available in several enamel colors and a few different sizes this necklace makes the perfect gift! You can even add pictures of her child to make the give extra special when she opens it!

Do you have any expecting or new moms in your life? What are you getting them for Mother's Day?

Very Happy Gifting!





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