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A Great Gift for any Occasion

A Great Gift for any Occasion

I recently purchased a gift for Father's Day to combine my father's two great passions: fishing and sweets. For his gift, I paired an antique, ceramic cookie jar shaped and glazed like the fish he frequently catches, with the yummiest looking cookies I could find. These cookies featured peanut butter pretzels, ruffled potato chips and bacon-yes bacon! These showstopping cookies made a great pairing to my dad's Father's Day gift.

A Great Gift for any Occasion

An Interesting Cookie Jar

Pairing a cookie jar, that matches a recipient's aesthetic is a great way of accessorizing their countertop and show that you understand them and their style. Whether it's a luxury crystal cookie jar, a cream colored aesthetic cookie jar or a bold statement for their counter top, this is a great and unexpected way of gifting a delicious treat.

A Great Gift for any Occasion

Mmmm... Cookies

Of course, what is a cookie jar without cookies? I love a good cookie and I love gifting a cookie that the recipient will love. From simple shortbread, to a cookie that has everything but the kitchen sink, choose your recipient's favorite flavors and you can't go wrong.

This combination of an interesting cookie jar and a delicious cookie is a great go-to gift, great for any occasion, perfect for birthdays, hostess gifts and of course Father's Day. Vintage cookie jars, classic jars, kitschy jars, elegant crystal cookie jars, all work for this gift. Find a cookie jar that nails your recipient's personality and add their favorite cookie!

Very Happy Gifting!




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