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Make That Call

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Have you talked to your family and friends lately? Well now is the time to reach out! Of course, I want you to stay in contact with your family and friends but the motivation behind this post is mostly for your benefit.

Imagine for a second, it’s the week before Christmas and you’re still trying to figure out what to get your nephew. You haven’t talked to your sister in a while and you have no idea what to get her son. You send her a quick text asking her, Hey what does Joey want for Christmas? In her holiday haste she sends you a quick response, well he likes shirts and needs new shoes. Uh… thanks…I guess.

But now imagine you give your sister a call this weekend and you catch up about your lives and her children and how her family is doing, and what they’re into now:


“Well this year’s been crazy but Joey’s into basketball now and he loves basketball shoes, he’s always checking them out when he watches the basketball games on TV,” your sister says.

“Oh wow, that’s great! He’s so athletic, basketball is a perfect sport for him.” you say.

- Meanwhile you think: I could get him a new pair of Air Jordan sneakers -

“Who’s his favorite player?” you ask.

“Oh he’s obsessed with LeBron James!” she says.

- You Think: a Lakers Lebron James jersey would be a great gift -

“Of course, who isn’t!? How’s school going for him?” you ask.

“Oh, he loves his teacher, but he really needs to get organized.” she says.

- You Think: a planner notebook and organizational accessories would be helpful -


And on the conversation goes! As you catch up and bond, you ask questions about how her family is and how she is doing and get some insight into what your sister could use as a gift as well. You see how easy it is to actually get great gift ideas if you just sit and chat with your friends and family. I know is seems like common sense, but sometimes we overlook this obvious task and just start searching the internet for “gift ideas for nephew” and pray for luck! This conversation will give you a great starting point, so now you can search “LeBron James jersey” and go from searching to shopping so much faster.

My last tip here before you start making the calls to your friends and family is to keep a note pad and pen by you when you call and TAKE NOTES! Don’t call from your car at the stop light. Call from home, in a comfortable chair with a pen and a pad. If you call while your busy or in the car you will never remember what your nephew wanted by the time you drive home, park the car, grab the groceries out of the back seat, and put them away.

Take notes on your calls! Then, if you don’t buy gifts immediately, add those notes to your phone and keep a running list of what people want so when you’re out shopping, all of your notes are at your fingertips.

Are you calling? Go, call now!




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