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Last Minute Gift Shopping at the Grocery Store

Last minute shopping? Let’s talk about a place that is always open for anything you need—let’s talk about the grocery store! You may be thinking “there aren’t good gifts at the grocery store, only groceries.” Both are true! And I’m going to show you how to turn groceries into great gifts.

Favorite Drinks

First things first, for the adults, alcohol!

A nice bottle of their favorite spirit is a welcomed gift during the holidays. If you want to take this gift to the next level, grab all the ingredients for their favorite drink! That means grabbing the bitters, the honey, the lemon—whatever that cocktail calls for, make sure it’s included!

If you’re not sure of their favorite drink, gift them your favorite drink. Hand write the recipe and include it with all of the ingredients. For more drink recipe ideas as gifts check out this post.

Delicious Date Night

Whether it’s for your sweetheart or a couple you’ll be spending Christmas with, this gift is sure to delight their taste buds! Write out your favorite recipe and gift all the ingredients. Naming your recipe something special adds to the gift. Pasta, some sprigs of fresh rosemary and your favorite jar of sauce is Felicia’s Fantastic Fettuccine. A cozy gift of craft soup and artisanal crackers becomes Sarah’s Soulful Soup. Presentation is key here so on the note make sure to say why you loved the items or recipe and why you thought it would be great for them to try. Some ideas include—I wanted to share my favorite go to meal you or you make me feel all warm and fuzzy like this soup!

Sweets for the Kids

Sweet treats are of course great for stocking stuffers but putting together some of your favorites also makes for a great gift. Think about gifting them s’more fixings or cookie baking ingredients or easy cake mix and frosting. Gifting them the experience of creating something, along with the anticipation of getting to eat something sweet will add excitement to any Christmas!

You get bonus points here for things that are a little more bold. Add the chocolate stuffed, pink dyed marshmallows to the s’more ingredient gift (yes they make these). Add all the sprinkles to the cookie baking gift. Make sure you get the hot pinking frosting paired with the confetti cake mix if you’re gifting cake making ingredients!

For these gifts, any grocery store will do, the fancier the grocery store, the fancier the gift! High end grocery stores have a more curated selection that generally have nice, giftable packaging. Standard grocery stores have familiar favorites—choose your grocery store based on your recipient, your gift and of course what’s open when you do your last minute shopping!

These ingredients can be added to a box with paper shred, or wrapped in cellophane or, if absolutely necessary, grab a gift bag and some tissue paper from the card aisle in the grocery store.

Happy Last Minute Gifting!



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