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Is Self-Love Really Indulgent? The Case for Buying Gifts for Yourself

Is Self-Love Really Indulgent? The Case for Buying Gifts for Yourself

I hope you had a lovely day of love this Valentine's Day! If you celebrated with a special someone or with friends, I want to remind you to also show yourself a little self-love. Buying gifts for the ones you love is a special treat that makes you and the recipient feel great. But don't forget about spoiling yourself with a little self-love. This is your formal reminder that you don't have to wait for someone to buy you gifts that express love. Love yourself and treat yourself to some of these great gifts!

Buy Yourself Flowers

Miley isn't the only one who can buy herself flowers! Getting a special delivery of a stunning bouquet is a wonderful treat! Go the extra mile and write yourself a card with a sweet note or your favorite quote to make you smile.


Splurge (Just A Little)

It might not be in your budget to splurge on a designer handbag or outfit, but designer brands make little items that bear their logo. The smallest designer item in your pocket will have you feeling just a little fancy.


Something Sparkly

Why do we reserve sparkly, pretty jewelry pieces for gifts from romantic partners? It's ok to buy yourself these gifts. Don't wait for a romantic partner to buy you jewelry. Invest in jewelry you love, that you've bought yourself and wear it with pride!


Love yourself and treat yourself to something great, just for you! Buying yourself a little gift can be justified but don't forget to treat yourself to the free things in life that also create self-love. Get outside, spend time with loved ones and eat your favorite foods to spoil yourself as well!

Very Happy Gifting!



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