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Self-Care Relaxing Gifts

We know of self-care in the form of food choices, exercise, sleep, mental health etc. But when it all gets to be “too much” we need to take a beat, we also need to turn to the non-activities as self-care as well. I contend that while getting your laundry done on the weekend is self care for your future self, so is doing NOTHING on the weekend. If doing a little nothing is what you need, here are some gifts to treat yourself to, to help you do more, well, nothing!

Self Care Pajama Gift

Sleeping in silk feels like a little luxury that is pretty easy to give yourself or someone you love. This washable silk set is so elegant that it will take your self care to another level.

Plush Robe Relaxation Self Care Gift

Wrapping yourself in softness is hitting an immediate relaxation button. A luxe robe is like an mini escape to an upscale hotel, waiting in your bathroom!

Self Care Candles Gift

Yes, candles are a delightful part of relaxation but this candle set includes scents like Fireplace, Lazy Sunday Morning and Bubble Bath! Pick a place that relaxes you and this candle set will take you there!

Self Care Gift Slippers

When your feet are happy, you're happy. Relaxation very rarely happens in stilettos so wrap your feet in these fluffy slides.

Self Care Gift Silk Sleep Set

This set has all the things. Hair ties, a pillow case and an eye mask in beautiful silk to help you slip into the restorative, relaxing sleep you need.

Self Care Gift Theragun Massager

Relaxation is more than skin deep. To really relax you've got to get down deep, down to the muscles. This Theragun massager will help get tension out of every layer of tissue.

With these gifts you’ll be relaxed in no time and if you have anyone in your life that needs to do nothing for a little while. Gift them any of these items so they are just as relaxed as you!

Very Happy Gifting!


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