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How to Make Your Father’s Day Gift Look Great!

You guys know how important I think wrapping is! It’s the cherry on top to a great gift. It adds to the experience of both giving and receiving! For Father’s Day I thought I’d show you how you can add that extra touch to your Dad’s gift.

Instead of a bow, I added a tie to outside of this gift. To recreate this look, here’s what you’ll need:

1. A Tie: this can be a great way to give a little something extra on the outside of the gift.

2. Wrapping Paper: Use wrapping paper that matches or accents your tie.

3. Gift Wrapping Tools: Scissors, tape

S T E P O N E : Choose the Right Gift Box

Make sure the gift box is small enough to fit a tie around it. You’ll want to make sure that the outer perimeter of the box is about the size or a human neck, but not bigger than double the thickness of a human neck, just so the tie, when it’s tied, fits around the box.

Father's Day Gift Wrap

S T E P T W O : Select Your Wrapping Paper and Wrap Your Gift

Make sure your tie looks good with your selected wrapping paper. Think of this in the same way your Dad might coordinate his shirt with his tie. You want the box to look just as dapper as your Dad, well almost!

Father's Day Gift Wrap

S T E P T H R E E : Tie the Tie

If you don’t know how to tie a tie, you’re not alone! I found this video really helpful. After you’ve tied the tie around your neck, loosen one end to take the tie from around your neck to around the box. Tighten the tie around the box and adjust it until you like how it looks.

Using a Neck Tie as Father's Day Gift Wrap

S T E P F O U R : Tuck in the Tie (optional)

You can decide if you like the dangling tie like someone would actually wear it. Or you can tuck in the bottom of the tie. To tuck in the tie, turn the box over so the front facing tie is flat on the table. Pull the bottom of the tie up and tuck it into the horizontal portion of the tie. If the bottom of the tie is too far from the top of the gift and will not reach, just add a little tape to the bottom of the tie to tack it down.

Using a Neck Tie as Father's Day Gift Wrap

Using a Neck Tie as Father's Day Gift Wrap

Now you have a great gift and great looking gift wrap!

Very Happy Gifting!



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