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How to Create the Cutest Easter Basket

Easter is April 12th and although our Easter Day celebrations might be different this year amid the COVID-19 and social distancing orders, I’m still planning on sending some love to my niece!

My niece is young so I wanted the basket to be bright and eye catching while still giving her parents a few things that they would use with/for her. Here are my tips for creating the perfect Easter basket for kids.

Start with a show stopping basket!

Think beyond the usual brown wicker basket. For anyone you are creating a basket for, think about unique types of baskets and containers to put your Easter goodies in. For your Mom, fill a new picnic basket or laundry basket. For your Dad, fill a tackle box. For your Husband, fill an ice chest cooler. For your wife, fill a purse or a tote bag.

I found this bright happy face basket on sale at Pottery Barn Kids. They also have an incredible selection of super cute baskets for any child on your Easter list.

Then add some on theme Easter gifts.

After deciding on a basket, then add a few items that they will love for now and for years to come. Think about items to add that will be cohesive with the theme or color of the basket. Here are a few ideas on what to include:

  • A cute piggy bank with a few dollars and some pennies to make it jingle just a little.

  • A soft, stuffed animal toy

  • Some Easter treats (if their parents will allow it)

  • A book to read because learning is fun!

In my basket for my niece I also included a wipe-clean place mat for her that her parents would also find useful. Add any additional gifts that your recipient will find personal and touching!

What goodies are you including in your Easter gift baskets?





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