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Great Gifts for a Fraction of the Price

Great Gifts for a Fraction of the Price


After the holidays we’ve all spent more money than we thought we would and are looking for new ways to stick to our budget.  If you have gift giving events that are coming up but are still recovering from the holiday spending hangover, then this post is for you! 

Shopping after-retail sites like Poshmark, the Real Real and ThreadUp have a big advantage over shopping regular retail.  Prices on these sites are discounted from in-store prices.  The seller determines what their price will be, but there is also room to negotiate. The quality of items ranges from used and gently used to brand new with tags.  If you are a savvy shopper you can find items that are brand-new-with-tags for under retail.  Using the filter options and searching for your favorite brands, you can find great gifts for your recipients. If you’re shopping for you, then look through some items that are gently used and still look great. 

Another wonderful thing about shopping these second-hand retail sites is the environmental impact of purchasing second-hand clothing. It’s one way to help keep these items out of a landfill.  I love that purchasing an item that someone no longer wants will help the environment.

To help you shop on these sites, here are some helpful tips:

Always look at the return policy: Know your options when it comes to returns.  Knowing these options allows you to shop more comfortably.  If the item is not returnable then you can thoroughly review the pictures on the listing and ask the seller for additional information or images.

  • Gift sizing: Make sure you know the size of your recipient before purchasing clothing.  Returns are usually a little more difficult just by the nature of these sites so make sure you know their size.  I like to use these sites for restocking on favorites.  If your recipient loves a specific item, say workout leggings from a specific retailer, then make sure you know your size and they will love an additional pair for their collection.

  • Purchase gifts that don’t require sizing:  These sites are a great place to pick up designer accessories.  Think about items that will fit no matter what!  Jewelry, belts and bags make great gifts since they will fit anyone!

  • Check the Brand's Website: Before completing your purchase, do a quick check of the brand's website just to make sure they aren't running a sale or already have a discounted price on the item you're eyeing. Sometimes sellers will purchase items at a discount and resell it for the full retail price. If the brand's website has the item on sale, you can purchase it at a discount and usually get a more flexible return policy, not to mention getting a brand new item.

Using these sites is a great way to get your gifts and stay under your budget.


Very Happy Shopping!



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