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Great Coffee Gifts

I, have a confession.

I am OBSESSED with coffee.

I know what you’re thinking—yeah, yeah we all love coffee. I would wager that I almost have more caffeinated beverages in one day, than you have in a week. I just love it! I know, I’m working on my problem. I have learned that coffee is not water, and I’m making the appropriate substitutions.

Anyway, as a coffee lover I needed a sleek way to transport my coffee. Finding a sleek coffee mug, that fits in my car’s cupholder was harder than it looked. I went through a few before finding the perfect one. While I’m not a coffee snob, per say, I do like good coffee over bad coffee—obviously.

Brewing a good cup of coffee is synonymous with a French press, but a French press is not the first thing you think of when you need coffee on the go. That changed when I found the P1 Travel Coffee Press by ESPRO. It’s true, I found it and gifted it to myself! Sometimes you have to do it--#treatyourself.

After I fell in love with this press, I knew it was the perfect gift to give to some of my friends who are “essential” and still need to go to work during COVID-19 while many are at home and sheltering in place. This travel press makes the perfect gift for any coffee aficionado or for Father's Day. It actually presses your coffee in the mug! Put ground coffee into the bottom of the mug, add hot water and wait four minutes and press down the filter. Now the coffee is ready to drink directly from the container. It even comes with a lid, to save some for later. And later—it will be hot because it keeps liquid hot for eight hours!

Giving this press with any coffee accessories would make great additions to this gift. Add your recipient’s favorite brand of coffee beans from the store or any local coffee shop. I picked up some Peet’s Coffee (a California Favorite), a cute coffee scoop to help accurately portion the coffee grounds, and some sweet treats to enjoy with coffee—and added them all to the gift box.

Do you have any coffee lovers in your life that would love this? What would you add to the gift to make it great?

Very Happy Gifting!




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