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Giving Gifts on St. Patrick’s Day

What!? I know that’s what you’re thinking! You’re questioning, when did St. Patrick’s Day become a gift giving holiday? The answer is always! Saint Patrick himself gave three-leaved shamrocks to his Irish flock as a tool to explain the Holy Trinity. Even if you’re not Irish or religious, there is no better time to tell someone how LUCKY you are, just to have them in your life.

To fully embrace the green theme I send my closest loved ones plants or flowers on St. Patrick’s Day. Here are a few of my favorites:

I love these super cute and petite little succulents! They are the sweetest little gift at $25 and come in the cutest packaging. Who wouldn’t love receiving this tiny token of appreciation on St. Patrick’s Day?

This website offers a variety of plants and pots at different price ranges, depending on the size of the plant/pot combination. They have a great selection of plants and beautifully modern pots in lovely colors and shapes. And if you’re shopping for someone that kills any living plant that enters their home—they even offer faux plants!

I love sending flower bouquets from The Bouqs. They offer both really pretty arrangements, and groupings of just one type of flower to give you options. I like this arrangement of green and white flowers as a St. Patrick’s Day themed touch for anyone’s home!

Any of these would make great hostess gifts if you’re going to a St. Patrick’s Day party as well!



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