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Gifting Questionnaire

It seems simple but I know so many people that start out their gift shopping with the phrase, “I have know idea what to get_____.” Well, let’s fix this! Start by asking yourself some basic questions about your gift recipient. Fill out this questionnaire to point you in the right direction! Then review your answers to find your way towards the perfect gift.

1. What does this person do for a living?
  • Do they like what they do?

  • Do they need anything that would help them be better at their job?

  • Do they need anything to wear to their job?

Gift Ideas: If they work at an office they need professional attire to wear everyday, can you get them something cute to wear? If they are looking to take the next step in their career or get a promotion, get them classes or software to give them a competitive edge. If they commute to work, maybe they need entertainment to make their time on the road more enjoyable, get them an audio book or music subscription service. This mug is also great for coffee on the go.

2. What do they do in their spare time when they are not working?
  • Do they have any hobbies?

  • Is there anything you can get them that will help take their hobby to the next level?

  • In their spare time do they like to relax? Can you give them something or an experience to help them relax?

  • Do they like to be active in their spare time? Can you give them something or an experience that they would enjoy doing?

Gift Ideas: Can you gift them an experience that they would enjoy on the weekend? If they love to drink wine in their spare time or go to happy hour, a wine tasting could be a great gift. If their job is stressful, a massage would be a great gift to help them relax. Think of their hobbies, if they like to knit, a craft gift certificate and new supplies would be great. If they are a movie buff a gift certificate to a streaming service or a book by or about their favorite director would really show you care.

3. What is their favorite color?
  • What color are they always wearing, painting their nails, or have throughout their home? If you are gifting an item, think about getting it in this color.

Gift Ideas: This is a great question/answer to keep in mind when you review the answers to the other questions. For example, if your answer to question two, is that your gift recipient loves to bake and her favorite color is red, then the classic red Kitchen Aid Mixer could be the perfect gift.

4. What do they love or obsess about?
  • Everyone is a fan of something. What do they talk about constantly? It could be anything from a movie (maybe they are a Disney movie fanatic) a place (maybe they love a certain vacation spot or hometown).

  • Can you get them something that will add to their love or obsession?

Gift Ideas: Is it a show, a movie a music artist that they really love, if so tickets are a great gift. If they love a brand name then investigate items from that brand that they would love. Don't just think about things they love, think about activities they love. I know exercise enthusiasts who live and die by Lululemon and would love a new work out outfit and a gift certificate to Soul Cycle.

5. What are they always complaining about?
  • Can you solve a problem for them?

  • Do they have a recurring chore or task that you can take off their plate?

  • What makes them sad, mad, or frustrated?

  • I know this is an odd question but knowing what someone doesn’t like is a great way to find the opposite thing that makes them happy. Think about the last time they said “I hate _____.”

Gift Ideas: People love to complain, so when you have a gift giving occasion coming up, listen to the complaints! Think about their complaints when they are doing anything. "I love to garden but I hate that all of my supplies are all over the place." This Gardener's Apron will do the trick! I love sparkling water so much but I hate lugging cases of La Croix from the grocery store. This home carbonation system could be the perfect gift.

6. When this person goes shopping for themselves, where do they go?
  • What is their favorite store?

  • Where do they love to shop?

  • Could they use more of what they love from their favorite store?

Gift Ideas: An obvious choice is a gift card to their favorite store in a pinch, which would also make a great stocking stuffer as well. Take the time to find out what they love from their favorite store and think about that item as a gift. Getting a great blazer from J. Crew and stuffing a gift certificate in the pocket is a great gift. Or pick up the newest sneaker launch at Nike, buy some sports socks and stick a gift card in a sock and stick the socks in the shoes! Grab a great travel makeup bag and stuff it with their favorite makeup items from Sephora and gift card.

7. What would they never buy for themselves?
  • What is something that they would love but would find frivolous so they would never buy it for themselves?

Gift Ideas: We all know that there are things that we love but that we tend to only get for others as gifts. Think about your recipient and what they love. Do they love flowers? A flower delivery subscription would bring them joy for months to come. Do they love a nice bottle of wine, but would never spend over $20-30 for a bottle, splurge a little and pamper them with a nice bottle of wine.

8. What do other people say about this person?
  • Thinking about what others say about this person can give you key insights to their personality that you might not have picked up on before. She is so creative, he is so handy, they know so much about baking--casual comments like these can lead to great gifts.

Gift Ideas: We usually bring our skills out around other people and sometimes we don't even know it. Compliments given by other people are a great way of finding their not so hidden talent. What do others say your recipient is "so good" at? Is your husband handy and have a passion for fixing things? Then a luxury leather tool kit will be a great place for him to store his prized tools. Is your best friend amazing at makeup, does she always have the best smokey eye? Then a set of luxury makeup brushes might be the perfect gift!

9. What is their idealized version themselves?
  • Who do they wish they were?

  • What qualities do they wish they had?

  • Does this person wish they were more organized?

  • Do they know they are always late but really wish they were on time?

  • Do they wish they were one of those people with perfect hair and nails all the time?

Gift Ideas: Thinking about the goals that they have set for themselves is a great way of thinking of a gift that helps them achieve these goals. To help them be on time, a beautiful watch would be a great gift. A day planner would be a great gift for anyone to wants to stay on top of their schedule. If they want to streamline their beauty routine that helps them look pulled together, get them a great beauty tool.

10. Is there anything on this persons unfinished business list?
  • Is there anything they have wanted to complete for a long time?

  • Have they always wanted to get swimming lessons?

  • Have they always wanted to learn a new language?

Gift Ideas: We all have items on our to do list that we want to get done, those goals that we have been saying that we want to do for a long time but just haven't gotten to yet. Do they want to learn piano, then piano lessons would be great! Have they talked about wanting to learn Spanish but just never did it? Then a language learning system will help them achieve that goal.

Bonus Question: What do they want or need?
  • This seams pretty obvious and I know you’re thinking, if I knew what they wanted/needed I wouldn’t have to figure it out. But so many people jump over even thinking about this and go straight to wandering stores.

Gift Ideas: Think about your gift recipient and things they have said in the past or recently. We talk about ourselves a lot so there was a probably a moment when they explicitly said, "I want _______." Were you listening? When you mentioned that you had sushi for dinner, did you hear when they said "Oh, I love that place. I could eat there every night!" Maybe they would love a gift certificate to that restaurant. Did you hear them when you took a hike together and they said, "Oh, I need new sneakers, where did you get yours?" A new pair of sneakers might be in order!

I hope this give you great ideas for any gift giving occasion.

Very Happy Gifting!





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