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Giftable Cake Stands

If pie isn't your thing for dinner party or holiday desserts then I say "Let them eat cake!" With festive meals coming up including holiday dinner parties, Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving and Christmas, there will soon be a need to bring a hostess gift or an addition to the meal--so why not both. Here are great cake plates that make a great hostess gift. Make these even better with a delicious cake included!

Ruffled Edge Cake Stand

This dainty cake stand is perfect for the girly-girl having a dinner party. Add a white frosted cake to match and you're good to go!


Swirled Enamel Cake Stand

This cake stand is perfect for the hostess who loves a modern touch in the kitchen!


Rustic Enamel Cake Stand

Add a simple cake to this rustic cake stand, perfect for any Joanna Gaines devotee!


Glass and Wood Cake Stand

The perfect combo of glass and wood makes this cake stand a no-brainer for any hostess gift!


Ceramic Stoneware Cake Stand

This cake stand is subtly beautiful and perfectly neutral to fit into any hostess' decor!


Marble Cake Stand

This cool marble cake stand is simple yet elegant with this mix of classic materials.


Clear glass cake stand

A prefect accessory for Thanksgiving, this cake stand is clearly a winner!

Let them eat cake you say, oh we will, we will! With these gorgeous cake stands everyone will be eating cake!

Very Happy Gifting!




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