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Giftable Pie Dishes

With festive meals coming up including holiday dinner parties, Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving and Christmas, there will soon be a need to bring a hostess gift or an addition to the meal--so why not both. Here are great pie dishes that make a great hostess gift. Make these even better with a delicious pie included!

White ruffled pie dish


This crisp white pie dish has simple yet elegant edges that will ruffle up against the most delicious pie! Add an apple pie to this dish and bring it to your prepiest friend's house for Friendsgiving.


Blue Arches Pie Dish


The beautiful arches on the side of this pie dish make it a stunning addition to even the most curated heirloom dishware collection. Add a lattice topped cherry pie to this dish and bring it to your Aunt's house who always (ALWAYS) hosts Thanksgiving!


French Bistro Pie Dish


This French bistro inspired beauty is a great modern addition to any hostess' collection. Add French Silk pie to this incredible dish and bring it to your in-laws to show show them how worldly you are!


Pie Box


While this might not be the first pie dish you think of, this pie box travels well to any party! Add a sweet potato pie and bring it to your next holiday dinner party with your co-workers.


White Pie Dish with Message


This pie dish with a secret message at the bottom is perfect for Mom. Don't go to Thanksgiving empty handed, spread the love with a pumpkin pie and this darling pie dish!

I hope this helps gets you ready for all the upcoming dinners on your calendar!

Very Happy Gifting!



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