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Get Ready For Christmas in July

Get ready for Christmas in July

It's my favorite, well second favorite time of year! Christmas only comes once a year, so I'm celebrating twice. Christmas in July is a great mid-way point to asses the holidays and start planning. I know you're thinking, umm... July? Start thinking about Christmas, aka the winter holiday, now in the summer, in July? YES! That's exactly what I'm saying.

I urge you to think about the toughest recipients that are always on your list. Those loved ones that always take the most brain power to figure out what to give them. Start giving them a little advanced thought. Start listening to what they love and what they need and what they want. Give yourself more time to write down notes from the things they say. Give yourself more time to spend with your friends to listen for those cues of what they really want.

It's even a great time to get gifts for acquaintances or members of your circle that you can easily cross off your list. Smaller gifts for babysitters, neighbors, bosses and coworkers can be purchased early and stored until the holidays.

Purchasing some of these gifts early does two things. One, it eases the year end financial commitment. Spending some money on gifts during the summer helps reduce the pressure to spend as much come year end. And two, it alleviates some of the mental energy that goes towards trying to get everything done in one month of time.

So come on, you can do it! Let's get ready for the holidays now, early, and get ahead of it. To help, we're gathering great gift ideas through the month of July, as my early Christmas present to you. The present of more time during the holidays to actually enjoy the season!

Very Happy Gifting!




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