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Galentine's Gifts for the Girls

Galentine's Gifts for the Girls

Valentine's Day is almost here and we can't forget about our girls. Our friends that have been there through thick and thin, our friends that are like sisters, and our actual sisters deserve our love this Valentine's Day!

Galentine's Gift Lotion Stone

Galentine's Gift:

Treat your gal-Friday to nourished skin with this heart shaped, solid lotion stone.

Galentine's Gift Lotion Set

Galentine's Gift:

For the girl that will go to war with you, this hand kit would be perfectly paired with a gift card to her favorite nail salon.

Galentine's Gift Roses Candle

Galentine's Gift:

A friend by any other name is still there for you when things get rough. Gift this sweet smelling candle to the one who is there for you when things aren't coming up roses.

Galentine's Gift Pink Velvet Teddy Bear

Galentine's Gift:

Give the love that your best friend gives you with this luxe velvet teddy bear!

Galentine's Gift Rose Petal Bath Milk

Galentine's Gift:

Bathe her in this indulgent bath milk with the gift of a little down time.

Galentine's Gift Solid Rose Perfume

Galentine's Gift:

This compact perfume is the perfect addition to any girl's purse as her fragrance on the go.

All the ladies in our lives should get a little love on Valentine's Day!

Very Happy Gifting!




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